How We Do What We Do

  • Advocacy
    We advocate the Pro-Black business agenda & equity for lack enterprises, at the highest levels, across Illinois & beyond.
  • Education
    We provide education on economic growth & development as well as building an economic power base for businesses to affect positive social, economic, and political change.
  • Initiative
    Our initiatives serve as the channels by which we mobilize our agenda. From training & technical assistance for your business to economic development of the community to mentoring partnering, our real world - real time initiatives maximize any & all business growth potential.
  • Activation
    Successful execution of our initiatives & programs allow us to measurably foster Black business growth and development while implementing a new paradigm that attracts the investment of the resources that stabilize & create sustainable communities.

Experience that you can trust

The Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce (ILBCC) is the largest, most active voice for African American businesses in the state of Illinois.  The organization was incorporated in 1997 through the work of the National Black Chamber of Commerce and Founder, President/CEO Mr. Larry D. Ivory also past Chairman of the Board of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. 

Our objective is to help promote job creation and growth amongst African American businesses.  Subsequently we have emerged to become the leading advocate and go to source for many state and local entities as well as corporations to promote these very principles.  Through our strong membership base and network of local chapters, we proactively work to promote a healthier business climate and economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.


Our Mission is simple. We help small businesses access success through developing strategies to assist them in increasing their competitive ability and capacity.  Since our inception we have seen steady growth and have worked with businesses and government agencies alike to help craft solutions in areas that directly help reduce economic disparity for our citizens and communities.  For more than fifteen years, we have operated at the highest levels in public and private sectors to help create sustainable opportunities for African Americans, women, and minority owned businesses alike. We advocate for the over 100,000 Black owned businesses that represent an extremely diverse slice of industries from all across Illinois.


Our Vision is to help Illinois Black businesses to become sustainable, high-growth enterprises by assisting them with building their capacity, allowing them to compete effectively in local, state, federal, and commercial contracts.