More Than Just Telling Our Story!

Yes, it’s critical to (1) own our narrative. We can’t just relinquish the power in telling our story; accurately & articulately!
The ILBCC is Improving the Economy & Quality of Life in Black Communities…in Real Time!

Cohesive Messaging!

Sharing stories is a primary objective but it’s equally as important to (2) have cohesive messaging in place…not simply consistent regurgitation & reposting.

Tiers of Communication

Take into account (3) the numerous tiers of strategic communications that must be, at least, threaded together to create a stream of resonating messaging.

If we intend to strengthen our constituents & grow our organization then we must be deliberate on this front, as it’s much more than just a secondary objective.

The Communication Matrix

(4) The inter & intra industry group communications platform not only reinforces our capacity building abilities but also stimulates Black business growth across our corporate strata & beyond.

Targeted Market Communications

Finally, sharing this space of significance is (5) our targeted market communications, which mobilize our agenda & delivers critical content to consumers & end users. That, actually, brings us full circle to “telling our story”!

It’s all gotta work together to achieve the desired goals! That’s why, as the marketing & communications team for the ILBCC, we stay focused on the “ongoing, evolving processes & mechanisms that we employ to continually improve the Economy & Quality of Life in Black Communities… In Real Time!”

We’re proud to be able

to offer our services to our membership & partner network as well!

* To deliver the highest levels of professionalism and experience.
* To provide strategic counsel, creative solutions and timely, responsive services.

Ready For Success!