The Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce knows that young people, if given access to the right resources, can effectively craft their own opportunities for advancement and growth in labor markets while simultaneously addressing development needs.
We also believe that every young person is capable of leading so we strive to provide opportunities for youth to realize their leadership abilities.
The ILBCC’s Youth Entrepreneurship & Education Committee offers youth a chance to participate in a state wide campaign to make a difference in their counties and communities.

As principal we:

•    View our youth as true partners in development, rather than reducing the to beneficiaries

•    Encourage youths to organize multi-stakeholder, county based networks

•    Build on the commitment of government leaders, key firms and institutions to confront the challenges of youth unemployment by developing strategic partnerships

•    Transform that leadership commitment into tangible, real world investments in innovative, employment-generation strategies and platforms

•    Knowledge-sharing! Integrate a web-based, Knowledge Resource – a free platform that disseminates labor market knowledge and best practices for individuals, networks, and partners through a range of traditional and new-media technologies (print, conferences/workshops, e-groups, supportive paraphernalia) and

•    Provide youths with real world – real time opportunities to build leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills in the in regard to the sustainable development of their demographic.

As one of the strongest trade advocacy organizations in the Illinois, we are  acting on behalf of millions of young people in the world who are clamoring for a better future and opportunities for productive and rewarding work.

We help them network within various initiatives and projects in their counties and throughout the state that are dedicated to strengthening knowledge and promoting healthy engagement.