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Illinois’ “Sheltered Market” Sets Precedent For Our Entire Country  Governor Bruce Rauner opened up the “Sheltered Market” press conference with this powerful statement then went on to say, “Illinois is one of the most diverse states in the country, yet a 2015 study found that disparities exist between the number of minority-owned and women-owned businesses and their utilization on contracts and subcontracts through the State. This Executive Order seeks to address this disparity and ensure more minority-owned businesses are given the opportunity to do business with the State.” EO 16-08 directs CMS to institute a number of reforms to how it currently administers State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP) to address the problems highlighted by a 2015 Disparity Study. “This Executive Order, especially the thoughtful consideration of use of Sheltered Markets, is perhaps the most important step the State of Illinois has taken toward bringing equity to Black and minority-owned businesses in the state,” said Larry Ivory, President and CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce. The Executive Order also directs CMS to determine whether the creation of “Sheltered Markets” can reduce disparities and, if so, take appropriate steps to establish sheltered markets in industry-specific areas. Sheltered markets may be created when certain State procurement solicitations are specifically set aside for BEP-eligible businesses. These initiatives are able to target areas where discriminatory practices have prevented progress towards parity in contracting. They also complement and bolster the efforts of other BEP measures such as the state goal of 20 percent of contracts awarded to minority businesses. The University of Illinois Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved the state’s first contracts under a new Illinois purchasing initiative enacted to attract more minority and female-owned businesses as vendors for state agencies and universities. Under the groundbreaking awards, 28 minority- and female-owned companies will receive three-year contracts to provide information technology services on an as-needed basis, augmenting existing staff on the university’s campuses in Chicago, Springfield and Urbana-Champaign. The contracts take effect July 1, 2016. The university received bids from 45 companies after issuing the state’s first request-for-proposal last April through the new “sheltered market” initiative, which followed years of work by the state to address disparities in contracting IT and telecommunications services by state entities. The “sheltered market” initiative allows certain state contracts to be set aside specifically for businesses owned by minorities, females and people with disabilities, and was established after an Illinois Business Enterprise Program Council disparity study found that sectors of the IT/telecommunications industry were being unfairly excluded from state business. Pursuant to the Executive Order, CMS must report on its results on July 1st of each year, beginning on July 1, 2017. There’s still a lot of work to do & we need your support in eradicating the gross disparities that continue to cripple Black businesses across the state. Please, take a look at our official position paper calling for the separation of Blacks, from other minorities & and women in regard to programs and policies that advocate for diversity in participation. It’s taken 20 years & an Executive Order to enforce an established law created to bring remedy to an established disparity. A disparity that continues to lock Black businesses out of growth & development. Together we can ensure that the Black business agenda continues to be properly represented & continues moving in the right direction.

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