What’s New with the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce (ILBCC)!

Since the Outbreak

The ILBCC has been continuously working to keep people informed and reassured that we can continue to strive during this unprecedented time. The Chamber has been busy completing tasks, checking off goals, distributing important information, and striving to ensure that we are being of service in all ways possible even during this trying time. 

During the initial shutdown, the team had daily conference calls and tasks to complete remotely to stay engaged. Shortly after, staff members have been in the office, while properly socially distancing, and working since the outbreak.  Masks, hand sanitizer, and multi-surface cleaning wipes were purchased for the office staff and visitors. We make sure that our office is clean and properly disinfected.

This is New

Members, Committees, and Interns

If you weren’t aware the Chamber is proud to announce that we have 11 standing committees put into play to cover relevant areas and topics to stay on track with our mission. We have also recently introduced our 3 newest board members, Dr. Carla Hightower, Attorney Demitrus Evans, and Stephanie Hickmon. Plus we have been gaining many new members of the chamber. 

Along with that, we have hired two new interns from the District 150 Youth Employment Program. CoResa Cureton, a junior at Peoria High, and Braelynn Owens, a junior at Quest Highschool.

2020 Convention Update

The Chamber has been considering a virtual convention and it has been set to be rescheduled for October. We will be updating everyone on the days and agenda soon, so please be on the lookout for more information on our website. Registration will be available soon as well. 

Costa Rica

Soon, the chamber will be doing business in Costa Rica to expand their footprint! Vice President Epsy Campbell has welcomed the Chamber and discussed the business they will begin soon. 


Chamber staff has been taking their health seriously in 2020 and due to the risk of COVID, we have been more cautious of the foods and media that we consume. Along with taking care of ourselves, the Chamber has been sharing important information on how to stay safe and working with their new board member Dr. Carla Hightower to help educate people on steps to take. One of the lastest articles we shared by Dr. Hightower was Three Myths About Weight Loss.


The Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce is here for you! We want to know your questions, comments, and concerns on how we can be of service to you. 

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