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We Are Agents of Change

The Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce (ILBCC) is an organization that works heavily with our elected officials on local, state and national levels to accomplish our stated mission, objectives and vision. As a chamber of commerce, we are non-partisan but recognize that we are most valuable to our members and the entire black business community when we foster and build relationships with the currently elected officials.

This includes members of both the state and house, as well as the governor. We seek to build solid working relationships with all of our elected officials. This has supported the consistent work of ILBCC since our inception over 20 years ago. With each administration, we’ve made progress that positively affects the black business community. While we celebrate our successes and the numerous black businesses that we’ve been able to help, we recognize that it is not enough. There is still much work to be done. Keeping this in mind, we intend to continue to be a part of the solution by advocating for fairness and equal opportunities for black businesses throughout Illinois.

We will continue to push policies that positively impact the black community.

We’ll continue to seek transparency in government.

We’ll continue to build relationships with our state leaders and also hold our elected officials accountable for the promises made to the black business community, despite their political affiliation.

Affiliate Chambers and Chapters

  • Peoria Black Chamber of Commerce (BCC)
  • Rockford BCC
  • South Suburban BCC
  • Lake County BCC
  • Chatham Business Association
  • Quad City African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Champaign BCC
  • Danville BCC
  • Quincy BCC
  • Chicago’s Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • MetroDecatur BCC
  • Saint Clair County BCC

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