Cannabis Committee

Started on September 28, 2023

Darell Bester, CHAIRMAN
Erick Foster, CO-CHAIR
Committee Members:
    • Malcolm Weems
    • Lord Mic

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis comes in three plant forms that all have a psychoactive property. 1. Cannabis Sativa 2. Cannabis Indica 3. Cannabis Ruderails. Once these plants are harvested and dried they can be used for medical purposes, like oils or butter for cooking, and even become extracted for topical use. Not long ago, the dark history of cannabis was one marked with the mass incarceration of POC throughout this country. There are still over 40,000 blacks and Latinos incarcerated since the legalization of Cannabis.

The State Of Cannabis Today

Over the past 3 years, we have seen the Cannabis industry explode in market value. Dispensaries in Illinois alone have seen high sales months ranging well over a hundred million. Every day you will find Cannabis companies from Canada purchasing companies here in the states to help further their footprint in the space. One thing is certain, that black people are not benefiting from this mass green rush that is taking place. We are just talking about Cannabis, but when you add in its cousin the Hemp plant, you are looking at an industry that will be in the billions in just a few years.

Our Mission

The Cannabis Committee is focused on making sure that black people are given a true opportunity to have a future in the industry. Social equity and inclusiveness are a part of that landscape as well as social justice for those who are still suffering under old laws regarding Marijuana. Some of our key initiatives will be:

• Licensing
• Minority Ownership
• Economic Viability
• Professional Mobility
• Career
• C Suite Inclusion
• Veteran Status
• Education
• Preparedness

Cannabis Committee November News

Past Events

Check out our very own chamber member Buddy Luv at the USA CBD Tour being held at the McCormick Place October 28th-30th. Swing by booth #6080 for great CBD products and of course premium Buddy Luv apparel.

Look for our first meeting to discuss our first event Cannabis event coming soon.


Learn more about the Cannabis industry and check out the included links on the black history of Cannabis and Hemp.

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  • Carmen
    Posted November 4, 2021 3:06 pm 0Likes

    Thank you Gentlemen for all the work that is being done to advance the inclusion of BIPOC people in this movement. I have attends some listening sessions in the pass few years , yet I have not found information on growers, I am interested as a farmer , yet have not seen people of color as produces in Illinois. If there is information available , please advise me, I would like to see more BIPOC involved in growing and the manufacturing processes.
    Thanking you in advance
    Carmen Holmes
    Its All Natural

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