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Be part of a diverse group committed to making a difference. Join us as a member today and be part of the change!

Why join the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce? Even though social media is an excellent way to promote your business, there is no substitute for the “face-to-face” business networking opportunities. ILBCC provides regular occasions to increase your business success through regular meetings with business owners and corporate partners. Joining ILBCC opens the door for personal interaction with like-minded people and businesses who are invaluable sources of information and support. This is especially important for all size businesses to develop win-win scenarios and enlarging professional networks.

Joining the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce (ILBCC) can be a transformative experience for any business, providing not only valuable resources and opportunities, but also a supportive community that fosters growth and prosperity.

Membership Benefits

  • Business Development Workshops

    The ILBCC offers regular workshops covering a wide range of topics, such as business planning, financial management, marketing, and more. These workshops provide members with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses.

  • Networking Opportunities

    By hosting networking events, the ILBCC offers members the chance to meet other business owners and professionals, exchange ideas, and build beneficial relationships. It's a platform where members can expand their customer base and find potential partners or collaborators.

  • Training Programs

    These programs help members improve their skills and abilities, thereby increasing their competitiveness. Whether it's a program focused on leadership, negotiation, or technology utilization, the training offered by the ILBCC can significantly enhance a member's business acumen.

  • Policy Advocacy

    The ILBCC advocates for policies that support the growth and success of Black-owned businesses. By joining the ILBCC, members become part of a collective voice that can influence local, state, and national policies.

  • Access to Resources

    The ISBCC often has access to resources like financial programs, grants, and business tools that can be extremely beneficial to members. It also provides updates and information on opportunities for business expansion and funding.

  • Mentorship Opportunities

    For newer or less experienced business owners, the opportunity to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders for guidance and advice can be invaluable.

Joining the ILBCC can provide invaluable opportunities for education, networking, growth, and support, all crucial elements for any business’s success. So select the next steps in becoming a part of a network that is all about equity and inclusion.

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